First Time Home Buyer Grants

There are multiple programs for down payment assistance with many State and local government programs being grants.

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Grant Sizes & Areas

First time home buyer grants can be limited to designated areas, which may mean a particular zip code or even as specific as a subdivision or community.  Many of the first time home buyer grants are designed to promote home ownership in designated areas. Because they are being provided by State and local governments, then they can be limited to specific areas. 

The grant sizes can also vary greatly.  Depending on the program’s budget and goal for a certain the amount allocated per family can be different from area to area. 

Down Payment and/or Closing Costs

Many first time home buyer grants can vary from one program to the other.  The differences can start 

How To Qualify for a First Time Home Buyer Grant

Not all first time homebuyers are eligible for first time home buyer grants.  These programs are typically directed toward lower to moderate income families and specific areas or communities. 

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